Swapping to Digital

After weighing up the pros and cons, I have decided to switch to digital photography for my final project. This decision is down to many factors, but the main are due to the fact that I am very limited with how many shots I can take with 35mm film (24-36 per roll), also, if I were to use medium format film, depending on the camera I will only be able to take 9-15 shots per roll and as I would like to enlarge some images to A3, medium format would be far more ideal for me, but its just not practical when I need to be taking at least 200 shots per shoot. With digital I am able to take as many photographs that my memory card allows, all with getting the same quality/better than film.

I am still going to carry on using film as I absolutely love how film looks and I love the challenge of developing images in the darkroom. I feel that when I am in the darkroom, everything that I print become that little bit more personal and I am able to achieve a really raw print.



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