Rome, Italy.

Updated: May 5, 2021


Each time I visit this beautiful city my breath is taken away by absolutely everything around me, from some of the world's most impressive architecture through to the small and winding streets into which tourists wouldn't dare to venture. The only difference between this trip and previous ones, is that this time, I brought my camera along to capture moments that words alone would be incapable of expressing.

This is me taking this photograph

What I found most interesting was how no-one battered an eye when I pointed my camera directly in their face, maybe this time I got lucky or maybe people just do not care as much as I had previously perceived. I found that the local people were most alluring to photograph, they walked about their daily lives in such a way that you would never believe that there were thousands of tourists around them or that they lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They walked around as though they were unaware of the beauty that surrounded them, that the streets they walk are full of history, that millions of people travel to their country every year to experience the history and culture. They were oblivious.

Album of my time in Rome:

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