Updated: Apr 30, 2020

So, Covid-19 has hit the UK and this has led to the closure of my university. The government has ordered a lockdown throughout the UK that requires everyone to stay at home unless absolutely necessary e.g. going to the supermarket for essentials, one form of exercise a day, going to the doctors or providing essentials to high-risk family members who are unable to obtain them themselves.

Prior to the lockdown, I had many photo shoots lined up including: Italian cafes in Wales, South Wales Police and a few others. I was able to fit in two Italian cafe shoots before the lockdown happened, but due to now only having two cafes instead of the many more intended, I am unable to produce the body of work desired. This lockdown has also left me feeling as though I will be unable to proceed further with my other project, 'Society as we see it and the unseen'. For now, the way forward seems to be documenting Covid-19 in my local area.

Here are a few shots from my first outing:

Gorseinon High Street


The Mardy, Gorseinon


Please Come Again, Gorseinon


Specsavers - Essential Care Only, Gorseinon


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