Posterize Screen Print

My first screen was to be a photo of my nan because I wanted to link my screen printing work with my photography work. I made the screen by first uploading a photograph of my nan that I have taken onto photoshop and then posterizing the image.

Posterization of an image entails conversion of a continuous gradation of tone to several regions of fewer tones, with abrupt changes from one tone to another. This was originally done with photographic processes to create posters.

On photoshop it gives you the option to choose the amount of layers of tone one should require and as this was my first attempt at screen printing I decided to choose 4 layers. This allowed me to familiarise myself with the process and also allowed room for error. I chose to do a few different colour variations of this print and this was mostly to experiment with colour layering but it was also interesting to see what atmosphere each individual print portrayed.




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