Over the Summer

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Originally I had planned to have a really productive summer, taking lots of photographs and experimenting with different techniques to achieve natural affects without using photoshop, e.g. smoke: how the light hits it and creates a totally different atmosphere.

The moment of handing in my submission it felt as though the world lifted off my shoulders and it was a relief, little did i know that 15 minutes later my whole world would come crashing down when I found out that my Nana had passed away. The most amazing lady who had brought me up and was the muse for my project, the project I had handed in for submission those short 15 minutes ago. The only person who I wanted to attend my final year exhibition and the only person I really cared to be at my graduation and this was hard to fathom because one of the last times that I spoken to her, I spoke about my graduation and she told me how proud she was, how proud.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I kept my film camera close, close enough to take that shot, when an overwhelming feeling would engulf my entire being. The last frame on that film would be the last that I took all summer, and I could not face photography, anything to do with what made me happy.

Fast forward to now, I have finally managed to pick up the camera again and not give up.

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