Italian Cafés in Wales

Updated: May 10, 2020

As part of my final year project, I have decided to document the Italian Cafés of Wales.

This is due to the fact that I, myself am Italian. My grandparents immigrated from a small town just outside of Naples called Avellino.

Before my previous project 'Le Pizzeria de Napoli', I had never visited Naples and I hoped to learn about the culture in which my grandparents were brought up. But this time, I wanted to focus on a subject matter that was close to home, and this led me to the idea of the Italian Cafés in Wales (inspired by Mo Wilson).

Mo Wilson

Last year, I was kindly given a book from my lecturer that contained some work from photographers in Wales. One of these photographers was Mo Wilson. Mo Wilson was a documentary photographer, born in Tillicoultry, Scotland and later moved to Wales (1980's) to study Documentary Photography at Newport University under the renowned Magnum Photographer David Hurn. Wilson went on to exhibit her work at galleries across Wales and her work was even purchased by the National Museum of Wales, National Library of Wales and for South Glamorgan County Council art collection. Her work mainly depicted insight into communities and characters across Britain, but one project of hers that really inspired me was 'Italian cafes in Wales', I have been lucky enough to see the original prints of this project in the National Library of Wales, and it was outstanding. I am now in the process of retracing Wilson's footprints and tracking down the remaining Italian Cafes in Wales, I have photographed two so far and they are: Conti's Café in Lampeter, Wales and Express Café in Margam, Wales.

Here are some of my images from the shoot:

Conti's Café

Express Café (Tambini's)

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