I'm Back!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

After taking some much needed me time, I am finally getting back into photography, something I thoroughly enjoy doing. However, I have currently been stuck on whether to use my digital camera or my analogue camera for my final year university project.

I absolutely love the texture and colour range that comes from using film and developing pictures using the dark room process, but I will be very limited to around 9 - 15 shots per film for medium format and 24 - 36 for 35mm. This has the chance of being detrimental as I can not see the image directly after taking it to see the composition, meaning some images might not be what I thought they would be. If some do not turn out how I wanted them to, that means I will have limited images that I could use for my final year project.

Digital on the other hand is very versatile due to the memory space, and I am able to view the images directly after taking them to see if I would like to retake them and change them in some way, such as the angle of which the photograph is taken.

To help me with my decision, I am now going to do a little more research and obtain some opinions from lecturers as to what they think would be the best way, quality wise, to take photographs for my final year project.

Meanwhile, please enjoy some photographs that I took over the summer:

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