Ernst Haas

Updated: May 10, 2020

Another photographer who really inspires me is Ernst Haas. He was an Austrian American Photojournalist born on the 2nd March 1986, who was known well for bridging the gap between photojournalism and the use of photography as a medium to promote expression and creativity.

Hass became interested in creating audio-visual slideshows in the early 1970s, these were consisted of long sequences of projected imagery with accompanying soundtracks, diffusing from one image to the next. Here follows a short interview to show how this particular presentation came about: "I love music" he explained, "and with my audio-visual presentation, I can combine music and photography".

La Suerte de Capa, Pamplona, Spain. 1956.

(Image taken from

Although having previously worked closely with long exposure photography, I had never actually looked at colour long exposure. The colours in this photograph are most focused in the centre, which is where my eyes were initially drawn, this may be due to the lack of colour in the surrounding area, despite this, I found that the use of colour makes the image more mesmerising.

From this series of photographs, I can truly understand why Haas won the Hasselblad award the year of his death.

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